Fingers & Forks –FIFO friendly home & away

Fingers and Forks offers a range of food solutions for FIFO applications to meet the needs of a changing food service environment.

Changes are afoot in meal production within FIFO camps. Dining halls adapting to the current Covid-19 policies means buffets and shared dishes are being replaced with pre-packaged individual meals. Metal cutlery by single-use Plastic or Bio (bamboo) knives, forks & Spoons alongside staggered mealtimes adhering to social distancing as far environmentally possible.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Australia’s workforce hard. As the landscape continually changes it is imperative that we continue to work with each other, support Australian businesses and continue to have access to the necessities. Enabling Australia to not only weather the current storm but break through the clouds and bring the sunshine that our country is well renowned for.

Enter, Fingers & Forks

Founded over 36 years ago our family business has grown into one of Queensland’s leading producers of handcrafted Catering and Convenience foods. Pre-packaged, pre-sanitised and primed to offer our already established menu, plus, our ready made reheat options all of which adhere to Australian government guidelines and regulations.
Our current successful range of hygienically pre-packaged individual “Grab & Go” products will suit every FIFO worker in their camps as well as importantly family back home. Our contactless packs cater for the whole family through morning to night with the added value of accessing mix and match throughout our range, allowing you to plan for the whole family.

Offering substantial healthy meals for breakfast, morning tea and lunches. Noodle boxes, pasta dishes, rice combos, salads and more teamed with your protein of choice.
Fresh sandwiches, baguettes, salads, panini’s & wraps all hygienically produced, packaged and nutritionally labelled. Even Kids snacks and lunches to ease the midday rush.
With the above in mind, in addition to our already established deliveries we now offer contactless delivery.
Dedicating ourselves and our team to offering our customers premium seasonal quality prepared fresh food solutions, locally sourced and proudly Australian owned and made.

Find out more about our FIFO Food Solutions or our Grab and Go FIFO Food services. Contact us here

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