When thinking about our businesses, costs and profit are always at the top of our minds. We like getting into the office and seeing our employees are working hard to get results. And yet, not everything is about numbers. Creating a happy workplace, for example, is critical to attract and retain talent, and increase productivity in your company. Of course, emotions are subjective. So just to make your work easier, here are a few ways you can achieve a happy workplace.

Lead From Behind

Nothing kills office workers’ morale as quickly as having the boss breathe down their neck. When employees are micromanaged, they feel like their boss doesn’t trust them enough to let them do their job. Your mistrust will create self-doubt in your employees which in turn will increase their stress levels, reduce their productivity, and make them start looking for another position elsewhere.

So instead of directing every move like an orchestra maestro, try letting your workers on their own for a week or two and you’ll be surprised how well they manage.

Provide Attractive Perks That Work

Everybody works for a paycheck. However, money isn’t necessarily the best positive reinforcement around. Workers understand that a higher paycheck doesn’t always translate into more purchasing power. And that’s why job perks are becoming a more attractive office incentive around the globe.

Employees want access to things like paid maternity leave, food and gift cards, on-site gyms, and free snacks at little to no cost. And thanks to their deep pockets, companies are in a better position to offer these services at competitive prices.

Upgrade The Quality Of Your Workers’ Breaks

The old saying of “work smart, not hard” has never been truer. But with Covid threatening job security, many employees put these thoughts in the back of their minds and rarely step away from their cubicles. So it’s up to you as an employer to keep your workers’ “due or die” attitude from exploding in your face.

Instead of watching as your employees burn out slowly, encourage them to take short breaks from work and socialize with their colleagues. Better yet, create a comfortable room only for recreation where they can stretch their legs, grab a snack and a cup of coffee, and take their minds off work for a couple of minutes every couple of hours.

Offer Remote Work Options

Flexibility is important for everybody. Whether they have kids to take care of or they would simply prefer to work from home, remote work is an attractive option for many workers.

The pandemic has shown us that (contrary to what was once thought) working from home doesn’t lead to employees slacking off. Furthermore, allowing your employees to work remotely can help them get rid of the stress that comes with having conflicting priorities — which is especially helpful for parents. So make sure you set clear expectations for your employees and then give them the freedom to set their own schedule.

Put The Fun Back In Work

Let’s face it: the office environment is tedious by nature. So anything you can do to break up the routine will help to improve your workers’ mood. And what better way to kill two birds with one stone than rewarding hard work than with an office party? 

Whether you decide to throw a classy end of financial year event, a casual Friday activity, or a chilled barbecue at an employee’s house, breaking up the routine with a fun corporate event is a great way to build a strong team spirit and release stress.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Whether it’s our weight, lifespan, or mood, food influences every aspect of our health. So if you’re interested in maximizing your employees’ happiness and productivity, then making good food available at the office is the way to go.

Corporate catering allows you to fuel your employees’ efforts with food that is safe, nutritious, and delicious. Everybody loves good food but not everybody has the time or money needed to buy and prepare it on a daily basis. That’s why by stepping forward to encourage and provide healthy eating alternatives you will do your part to keep your employees happy, healthy, and motivated.

Corporate culture is always evolving. But regardless of the changes, employees will always be the backbone of any organization. So why cut corners when it comes to protecting your best assets?

At Fingers & Forks, we understand that a company marches on its stomach. That’s why we make corporate catering hassle-free so that your employees can focus on their work and relieve their stress with fresh, tasty, safe, and highly nutritious food. So give us a call and let us put a big smile on your employees’ faces.